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Full Throttle Interactive - Mid America C5 Corvette Quad Power Exhaust

1997-2004 Corvette Performance Choice Quad Power Exhaust

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The C5 Upgrade You've Been Searching For!

Exhaust upgrades are one of the most commonly sought after modifications for C5 owners. The stock C5 exhaust just isn't very exciting from a sound or cosmetic standpoint! We've seen a lot of Corvette exhaust systems, but we are confident that for many owners this Mid America Exhaust upgrade will meet your needs. Often compared to the Borla Stinger system, this cat-back exhaust system delivers on looks, sound, as well as performance.

To top it off, this exhaust system is half the price of many of its rivals. You will not be disappointed! See and hear the difference for yourself!

Looks and Sound

The Quad Power Exhaust System turns heads with its killer style and low, satisfying exhaust note! The stainless steel design is a significant upgrade to your stock painted exhaust system -- you may not recognize your car after you install this beauty. The entire system is hand polished stainless steel, with four 3.5 inch polished tips. The exhaust note has been precision tuned to roar when you really want it to, with drone-free highway cruising as well! It's best that you just see and hear it for yourself below!

With all the great benefits of this system when it comes to the overall look and sound of your car, the added bonus is you'll get a performance boost in two ways. The Quad Power Exhaust will add up to 9HP to your stock C5... and it's 9 pounds lighter than your stock exhaust! If you've been on the fence about an exhaust upgrade, this one should be a no brainer.

With a price this low, many Corvette owners can get a little confused. No, nothing is missing. No - these are not used items. The fact is, we don't believe there's a better value in a C5 upgrade ANYWHERE. Competing exhaust systems can be upwards of double this price. The combination of killer looks, a fantastic exhaust note, and a performance boost, we doubt you'll find any upgrade that is as satisfying and affordable as this one! NOW ONLY $810!!! Add to cart

Not sure how you'll get it on your car? We've put together an installation page that will help you along with the manufacturer's instructions. With the right tools you can have this upgrade complete in less than a couple of hours! Visit our comprehensive installation page here, or just get a sneak peek at our installation video...

The Mid America Quad Power Exhaust system really is the best upgrade for your 1997 - 2004 Corvette you'll find at this price.  Who can argue with these benefits:

  • Computer designed 2.5" pipes reduce power-robbing back-pressure
  • Head turning, powerful exhaust note 
  • Comfortable idle and cruising tone 
  • Beautiful hand-polished stainless steel - Rustproof Design 
  • Four 3.5" stunning polished 
  • Plus 10 hp / 14 ft/lb torque boost 
  • Fits stock lead pipes or the optional High Performance Crossover Pipe 
  • Easy-to-follow installation guide 
  • Beats all competing systems by hundreds of dollars! 

1997-2004 Corvette Performance Choice Quad Power Exhaust

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