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Battery Storage Charger

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Part Number:9903001
The Battery Butler® Battery Storage Chargers are specifically designed for the maintenance of batteries that are stored or only used periodically. 
These chargers will prevent the normal self-discharge of your battery, while extending the life of rechargeable12 volt batteries, by providing a minimum current, regulated output. 
Other types of chargers provide a strong, rapid charge that tend to boil out liquids and decay electrodes.
With the Battery Butler®charger, once your battery has been fully charged, it will automatically shut-off; then resume charging as your battery level drops.
Works on ALL wet cell, gel-cell or the new OPTIMA™ batteries. Works on ALL years, ALL make & model car, truck or motorcycle batteries.
The Battery Butler®Battery Storage Chargers are specifically designed for long term use. 
You can safely leave it connected to your battery for days, weeks, months, even years!

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