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1975 - 1980 Corvette Battery Cable Set.

Your Price: $119.00
Part Number:302031
***Fits 1980 Corvettes delivered from the factory WITHOUT Stereo Tape Player***

If you want to rewire your vehicle to the way it left the factory, whether your vehicle will be a "driver" or judged at a car show, the choice is simple.  Our Original Design Series™ wiring is the choice for you.

Our wiring harnesses are made to exact factory specifications using the original factory blueprints. They are "correct" in every way. These wiring harnesses are necessary for: owners who want an authentically restored, show-quality vehicle, those who want to replace their old original wiring, or those who want to add original, factory-installed options. These harnesses are completely assembled, "plug & play" - ready to install.  You will not have to cut any wires, crimp any terminals, or make any modifications to the harnesses.

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