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1963 - 1968 Corvette Electronic Conversion Kit for Voltage Regulator

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Part Number:511008
Eliminate the inconsistencies of your factory or replacement 1963-1968 Corvette voltage regulator by converting it to a completely new "solid state" electronic unit. Do-It-Yourself circuit board kit is designed to fit under the cover of your Corvette's voltage regulator, eliminating the original mechanical movement and along with it, the hazards that an ill working voltage regulator can cause to your alternator or battery. Check out these features of the solid state conversion kit:

  • Protects alternator and battery by preventing overcharging, micro-processors sense battery voltage
  • Eliminate potential shorts, over voltage, and over heating
  • Easy conversion, includes complete instructions
  • No adjustments or setting required
  • Non-detectable - looks completely OEM when installed
  • Made in USA

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