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1963 - 1964 Corvette Bolt On Knock off Wheel Set.

Your Price: $2,550.00
Part Number:935006
Our wheel and hardware design creates the look of Original-Style Knockoff Wheels while allowing the wheel to bolt directly to your hub.
Once installed, Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels are virtually indistinguishable from Original-Style Knockoffs.
These wheels mount directly to a specially designed and patented wheel adapter. With Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels you get original looks and ease of use without the need of a lead hammer for the spinner installation.
These use the same spinners,center caps, and anti-theft pins as the Original Style Knockoffs .
Our Complete Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheel sets include 4 wheels and all of the hardware needed for each wheel including lug nuts.
Complete installation instruction are also included.

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